Book by Kavita Daswami


After Baba decides that the reins of the Badshah Empire will be handed over to the grandchild who proves his mettle, Sohana Badshah, overindulged heiress and sole granddaughter, decides she wants to try her hand at the game too; if anything, it can help her win back her beloved ex-boyfriend, Jag.

Suddenly, from the socialite sister that no one takes seriously, she becomes a rival to be reckoned with….and there's more than one person who would like to see her fail.

In this sequel to the bestselling Bombay Girl, Betrayed shows Sohana struggling to keep her footing in a man's world. Without street smarts or business experience, she's likely to lose her grip.

Can this sheltered Bombay Girl step up to the task of taking over the Badshah empire? Or will she be overpowered by all those who are trying to bring her down?

ISBN: 9351363740
ISBN-13: 9789351363743
Publisher: Harper Collins 2012
336 pages

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